MA Program

Master’s of Arts (M.A.) in Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation:

The M.A. in Conflict Transformation is designed to train reflective researchers and practitioners in the design, application and advancement of family, community, organization and national conflict resolution and post-conflict recovery strategies. The M.A. program focuses on pragmatic approaches to problem solving and post-war constraints intrinsic in human social relations. The M.A. program consists of 12 courses (36 credits) and a 6 credit hours thesis project.





PSCT 500

Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies

PSCT 511

Introduction to Peace building and Development

PSCT 523

Language Studies I

PSCT 535

Defense, Security and Peace-building



PSCT 502

Statistics for Decision Making

PSCT 516

Leadership and Governance

PSCT 524

Language Studies II

PSCT 538

Non-violence, Trauma Healing, and Reconciliation



PSCT 601

Research Methodology

PSCT 615

Community Development

PSCT 627

Ethnology, Gender, and Human Rights

PSCT 631

International Relations and Peace



PSCT 712

Thesis Project