Past Events 2019

International Day of Peace

KAICT and partners at the University of Liberia are organizing a symposium on the occasion of the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2019. This year’s topic is “Climate Action for Peace”. We are looking at what climate change means for Liberia and seek to present a comprehensive picture. On the one hand, Liberia features the largest undisturbed rainforests in the region. It is of global importance as a carbon dioxide-absorbing sink. Badly needed economic development however jeopardizes this natural treasure. On the other hand, Liberia is at serious risk of climate change consequences. Coastal erosion is already a serious challenge, and low-lying Monrovia is vulnerable to rising sea levels. The ecological environment is fragile and bound to suffer shocks from rising temperature and more extreme weather. Agriculture, already characterized by low levels of productivity, may be at risk.


KAICT Student Leader Training 2019

From 19 August to 13 September, KAICT conducts a leadership training for leaders of student organizations.

The University of Liberia is a centre for political activity and youth activism. Students take part in public debate, infuse new ideas, express the interests of the younger generation and take part in public protests. Historically, the student organizations have as well been of great importance as environments in which future political leaders were formed. In the challenging environment of Liberia, protests have not always remained peaceful, affecting campus life and movement on the surrounding streets. Against this background, the training seeks to strengthening peaceful strategies in advocacy and in competition for leadership positions, and prepare a new generation of responsible and accountable leaders.

The four-week course has four main sections: dealing with the past, defining leadership, civic awareness, and conflict transformation. Two groups of 30 students each are being trained for twelve hours per week.

Security Sector Reform Think Tank Dialogue, 26 June 2019

Public Dialogue on “Security Sector Reform in the New Political Dispensation”, UL Auditorium, Capitol Hill Campus, Monrovia


Piloting of the Kofi Annan Living Memorial (KALM)

Kofi Annan Young Diplomats for Peace Training Course (31 May – 9 August 2019)

The establishment process of the Kofi Annan Living Memorial was formally launched as part of the UN Day observation on 24 October 2018 at the UN House (Liberia) by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elias Shoniyan, in the name of, and on behalf of Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah, who was himself present at the launch with the rest of Diplomatic Corps and Government Officials.

The Kofi Annan Living Memorial that is being established is based on the model of the Dag Hammarskjold Living Memorial Initiative in Zambia.

Liberia, a post-conflict country that benefitted from the largest UN Peace Keeping Force under the Secretary General-ship of the late Kofi Annan, is grateful for the critical role he played for saving the nation from self-destruction and bringing it back into the Comity of nations.

Additionally, the already long established Kofi Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation (at the University of Liberia) created by an Act of the Liberian Legislature and named in honour of the late Secretary General, since 2006 when he was on a farewell visit to Liberia (and received the nation’s highest honour), together with the Angie Brooks International Centre for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security (ABIC) in Liberia will hostand be the driving force for the establishment of this Living Memorial. It will generally take the model of the format in Zambia which serves as the host to the Dag Hammarskjold Living Memorial in concert with the UN System and the Government of Zambia.

As such, the Living Memorial is seen as yet another programme of the Kofi Annan’s Institute for Conflict Transformation, at the University of Liberia, being a partner with the ABIC and the UN System.

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