KAICT and partners at the University of Liberia are organising a symposium on the occasion of the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2019. This year’s topic is “Climate Action for Peace”. We are looking at what climate change means for Liberia and seek to present a comprehensive picture. On the one hand, Liberia features the largest undisturbed rainforests in the region. It is of global importance as a carbon dioxide-absorbing sink. Badly needed economic development however jeopardizes this natural treasure. On the other hand, Liberia is at serious risk of climate change consequences. Coastal erosion is already a serious challenge, and low-lying Monrovia is vulnerable to rising sea levels. The ecological environment is fragile and bound to suffer shocks from rising temperature and more extreme weather. Agriculture, already characterized by low levels of productivity, may be at risk.

Stay tuned for opportunities to contribute to the event!


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