Mission, Vision and Core Values


As proclaimed by the University of Liberia, we “strive to create an academic environment in which outstanding students and scholars from around the world are continually challenged and inspired to do their best possible work.”

The Kofi Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation is an institution of academic excellence for policy research and dialogue on gender relations, equality, social justice, human rights, security, peace, and development. The Institute accomplishes student success by developing well-informed and creative scholars capable of contributing research-based knowledge for the progress of society.


KAICT envisions a future where public dialogue, rigorous research and thorough analysis are endemic to policy making and implementation in Liberia. It is a future in which a new generation of Liberians, endowed with abilities for critical and innovative thinking, lead in the definition, reconstruction, and administration of the Liberian state.


KAICT subscribes to the core values of the University of Liberia. In addition, we uphold the following:

Diversity: Cognizant of the multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and politically pluralistic Liberian context, KAICT is committed not only to the respect for difference but to cultivate the unique values of all groups in society so as to enrich learning and at the same time eliminate vices such as prejudice and stereotypes from the learning environment and, by extension, the Liberia society.

Excellence and Merit: KAICT values excellence in all its endeavors. Students and researchers are awarded based on their abilities and performance.

Objectivity and Critical Thinking: The Institute shall ensure that policy research and conclusions are backed by rigorous analysis and not colored by any political, religious, or ethnic interests.

Local Knowledge and Ownership: While cross fertilization of knowledge in today’s globalizing world is inevitable and necessary, KAICT believes durable solutions to local problems are those that have their basis in local knowledge and experience, which may be supported by external knowledge and resources.

Collaboration and Collegiality: KAICT values distinctiveness and interdependence of knowledge, expertise, and experience. The Institute shall therefore promote mutual respect and partnership in all learning activities.